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Who am I?

If you've found this web site, you're probably a friend or family member, but there are many Scott Andersons in the world, and you may be looking for someone else. There's some identifying personal information in the list below. If you're an old friend who's found me again, please drop me a line. My email address is scott at scott-anderson dot org.

I did a lot of moving around when I was growing up, since my father was in the military, so I've lived in places like Florida, Germany and Belgium. However, in 1971, when I was halfway through fourth grade, we moved to Fairfax, Virginia, when my dad was stationed at the Pentagon.

I went to Laurel Ridge elementary school and then to James W. Robinson secondary school, where I graduated in the class of 1979.

I then went to Yale, where I double-majored in Computer Science and English, graduating in 1983.

After graduation, I worked for Ted Biggerstaff at ITT Programming Technology Center with Allen Matsumoto and Peter Schachte.

In 1985, I started graduate school at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I studied Natural Language Generation with David D. McDonald (who advised my master's thesis), and then I worked with Beverly Woolf in tutoring systems, and finally with Paul R. Cohen on planning, specifically real-time planning. Paul advised my dissertation, which was A Simulation Substrate for Real-Time Planning.

Also in grad school, I met Holly and married her in 1992. She went off to the University of Michigan in 1994 to pursue a joint degree program in law and public policy.

In 1995, after finishing my Ph.D., I taught at Spelman College in Atlanta. I worked with Andrea Lawrence, Jeanette Allen, Gary Peterson, and Charles Hardnett. After finishing her degrees, Holly joined me in Atlanta.

In 2000, Holly and I moved to Massachusetts, where I started teaching at Wellesley College.

In 2002, Holly and I had a wonderful boy, and we moved to Natick, Massachusetts. Holly is now practicing law with Cunningham, Machanic, Cetlin, Johnson and Harney.

In 2008, Holly and I had a wonderful girl.